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GetBaze Energy PVT LTD takes pride in providing sustainable energy generation systems all across Pakistan.

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About GetBaze Energy

Getbaze is a company with vast experience in the solar energy sector. It is made up of a highly qualified team of professionals
with a large trajectory in the solar market, its distribution channels and thorough technical knowledge in solar cells, module
distribution and large-scale PV installations.

Renewable Energy

Energy is the future, make it brilliant.

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Keep your environment clean make the earth green.

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The installation process includes site assessment, panel mounting, electrical connections, and the integration of inverters and energy storage solutions, enabling homeowners to generate clean and sustainable energy for their households.


The installation process involves the design and deployment of high-capacity solar systems, often utilizing larger arrays of solar panels, sophisticated monitoring systems, and integrated technologies for energy management and optimization.
What we offer

Make the energy choice that’s good for business — and the planet.

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We offer a complete start to end service covering all activities from price negotiation to delivery to client.

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Our vast logistics knowledge guarantees timely deliveries with product tracking methodology that allows us to react to circumstances

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The preferential treatment from suppliers is translated into quick response time to new deliveries and agility towards claims.
How it works

4 - Easy steps

Installation process

Take a survey location

The first step involves conducting a thorough survey of the installation site. This includes assessing the roof or ground area for optimal sunlight exposure, shade analysis, and evaluating the structural integrity to support the solar panels.

Estimate your budget cost

Once the survey is completed, a budget estimate is prepared. This involves considering the energy requirements, the size of the system, the type of solar panels, inverters, and additional equipment needed. Factors such as installation costs, permits, and potential incentives or financing options are also taken into account.

3D Design

After finalizing the budget estimate, a detailed 3D design is created. This design incorporates the precise placement of solar panels, electrical connections, inverters, and any additional components. The design takes into consideration factors such as roof orientation, shading analysis, and aesthetics.


The installation phase begins with the mounting structure installation, securely placing the solar panels on them. Electrical wiring is then installed, connecting the panels, inverters, and the main electrical system. Once the physical installation is complete, the system undergoes thorough testing for functionality and safety compliance. Depending on local regulations, permits and inspections may be required.

Let’s shine the dream with solar energy

We have knowledgeable technicians that are friendly, customer oriented, and will take the time to explain to customers the intricate nature of our business and our work

We need a solar solution for a better future.

Aiming to provide Services of the highest quality. Getbaze Has established a Quality Assurance programme based on major internationally accepted Quality Assurance standards. The programme is enforced by Getbaze Quality Assurance Manager who has the authority and responsibility of granting the compliance of operations with the Quality Assurance Manual of client. Such manual outlines procedures and guidelines to achieve the quality level required. On or before the award of a contract, the QA manual is reviewed with the client, implemented in accordance with specific requirements arising from such review, and thereupon it is approved by the client thus governing operations under the contract

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Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.

Eco Technology

Choosing GetBaze for our solar installation was a fantastic decision. Their 3D design visualization helped us understand how the system would look on our roof.

Smart Technology

The quality of work was top-notch, and our solar system is now producing ample energy, saving us money and reducing our carbon footprint. Highly recommended!

Certified Expert

My energy bills have significantly decreased, and I highly recommend their professional services.

24/7 Premium Support

From the initial consultation to the final installation, their expertise and attention to detail were evident. I'm thrilled with the results

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